In my final semester of law school, I was sitting in an Administrative law class where we were learning about some of the resources used to practice administrative law. One was the Parallel Table of Authorities and Rules. The document links all of the regulatory rules in the United states with a citation to the US Code giving the agency the authority to make the rule.

While we were discussing how to use the document, the instructor mentioned that there wasn’t a linked version of the list. I found a text version of the list and began to write a script that would parse the text and link it to It was a fun project, and by the time the class was over, I had most of the linked parallel table finished.

In the subsequent years, Cornell seems to have updated their site with their own version of a parallel table of authorities.

If you are using my linked parallel table, or would like to have it updated to a more recent year, feel free to reach out at lets talk AT cjkinni dot com.

If you want to see how the script works, and would like to improve it or run it on a new edition of the Parallel Table yourself, you can find it on GitHub.