Why I Love Games

Created 29 Dec 2017 · Updated 31 Dec 2017 · 1 minute read

The Question

I like games. I have weekly boardgame nights, and play a lot of video games. I’m somewhat frequently asked why I play games. Usually these questions come from well meaning people who don’t tend to engage with games themselves. Historically, I have found it difficult to answer the question. Usually I find there is a fundamental misunderstanding about what games are and what games are capable of. Most people who ask me the question would never envision Her Story, when they imagine me playing a video game at home. This page is an attempt to answer the question “Why do you play games?”


There are a number of features of games that contribute to my fascination of the genre.


Games are an interactive medium. They use systems to enable players to interact with the game and with other people.

Games can use systems to acomplish vastly different goals. Dwarf Fortress uses its systems in an attempt to simulate a dwarf society in a fantasy world. Spelunky’s systems encourage thoughtful, satisfying, and replayable platforming experiences that enable players to improve at the game while playing through procedurally generated worlds.