CJKinni Developer A developer who loves building interesting things. Working for Black Hills IP in Minneapolis, MN.


Hey! I'm Chris.

During the day, I build software for legal professionals.

At night, I develop small games, toys, and tools.



getposted.io provides an API that helps you make POST requests via a simple url.
This is an easy way to fill out a form that only accepts POST requests via a link. Imagine you want to email someone a link to sign into a website with a guest account, but you don't want to make them type the username and password into the login form themself. You can't embed a completed form in an email, since no modern e-mail client supports HTML forms. You can't send a GET request to the server, since it requires POST requests for authentication. Now you can include an email to a getposted.io url that will redirect the recipient's browser to submit a completed form via POST.


Chip8 Emulator

CHIP-8 is a virtual machine with 35 opcodes, a 64x32 monochrome display, 16 key inputs, two timers, a stack, 16 8-bit registers, and 4096 8-bit memory locations. I built this CHIP-8 emulator to gain a more solid understanding of emulators and the Go programming language.


Trademark Search Helper

A chrome extension built to speed up the process of performing knockout searches through the US Patent and Trademark Office's Trademark Electronic Search System. The extension gives attorneys the ability to save interesting search results in their web browser and export the results to a PDF they can present to their clients.


Linked Parallel Table

In my final semester of law school, I was sitting in an Administrative law class where we were learning about some of the resources used to practice administrative law. One was the Parallel Table Of Authorities And Rules. The document links all of the regulatory rules in the United states with a citation to the US Code giving the agency the authority to make the rule.

While we were discussing how to use the document, the instructor mentioned that there wasn't a hyperlinked version of the list. I found a text version of the list and wrote a script that would parse the text and link it to law.cornell.edu. It was a fun project, and by the time the class was over, I had most of the linked parallel table finished.


Click ——————

A "choose your own adventure" style game built in a custom HTML/CSS/JS engine. It is a non-fiction game about coping with harassment I experienced in college. It was made during Ludum Dare 35, and was covered by Rock Paper Shotgun.




June 2015 - Software Developer @ Black Hills IP
2014 - 2015 Developer @ ChartaCourse